Road trip #3 - Destination: doubt management

It’s been four years since I messed up the American National Anthem. It wasn’t the rough performance that shook me the most. It was the international attention that it generated… I felt small, worthless and was so very ashamed of myself.

I talk about it more on this road trip: 

I have since realized that difficult experiences, like that one, have the biggest potential to change my life for the better. This is why I recognize the importance of being in uncomfortable situations from time to time. The discomfort that I feel is proof that something inside me is evolving.

What was the last time that you felt uncomfortable or that you had come to a personal turning point? What did you learn?

Road trip #2 - Destination: sunsets

There is nothing more beautiful than the sunsets in Saskatchewan. When I take time to stop and admire them, I remember that my roots grow into the sky just as much as they do into the earth.

It was my mom that taught me this love for sunsets.