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An Empty Room - Webseries

Two weeks ago, Creative City Centre (CCC) invited me to spend a morning at their premises to shoot videos of some of my new songs. In collaboration with CCC and CBC-Radio SK, the project is Brent Nielson’s idea - a sound engineer who has just retired after working at CBC for 30 years. The aim of the initiative is to discover the music of Saskatchewan singer-songwriters, stripped down in an empty auditorium. The audio is broadcast during the morning show on CBC in Regina.

It’s a paradox: the intimacy of an empty room. However, the result is strong - a great way to discover the songs and artists, some of which I discovered for the first time (including Megan Nash and Keiffer McLean, among others).

I've shot two songs. The first tune is the result of collaboration with Mathieu Lippé (who wrote the lyrics).

Videography, editing and audio Brent Nielson.