Land of Living Skies

I am fascinated by the effect of my surroundings. In Saskatchewan, we’re reduced to a great simplicity where the landscape is one of epic proportions - larger than life. There is a unique relationship between myself and the places grouped under this horizon that arouse my curiosity ... at times, it's the horizon that impresses me. The slogan on our license plates is too perfect: The land of living skies.

If you've already been to one of my shows, you've probably heard about my mother who is obsessed with taking photos. In fact, the word obsession isn’t even the best one to describe her passion. Suffice it to say she’s taken many hundreds. And my father, the most patient man, is often her chauffeur along gravel and dirt roads, sometimes covered in snow, following the light to take photos from the best spot.

I’d like to share a few, taken at the family cottage at Lake Wakaw:

... All of this to inspire a song: Le pays du ciel vivant.