Heading South!

I just love the fact that I can work wherever I have access to the Internet. This winter, I took full advantage of the opportunity. Where did I spend my time? ... Central America!

I spent two weeks tanning in Mexico with my family. I swam in the Gulf of Mexico, I did yoga on the beach, ate in the restaurants ... it was mostly a time of rest, but I found moments next to the pool to work on some grant applications, reports and bookings. Yeah ... my life’s not easy at all!

I returned to Canada for a very short week before heading south again with my friend Susan - I spent a week in Costa Rica before continuing my trip solo in Nicaragua. This time, it was a real vacation - time on beaches, hiking on volcanoes, riding the city bus, improving my Spanish. I was proud of myself: I didn’t even bring my computer!!

The colours in the south are spectacular!

Ciao for now!