New Album

Good Lord, there’s a new album on the way!

Eeek!! I’ve just heard the masters for my new album… I had a perma-smile on my face the whole time. I’m so excited to share it!

This album was built on one goal: I wanted to better myself as a singer-songwriter and erformer. I wanted to write the best songs, have more control over the sound, and most of all, tap into a more authentic and personal creative source.
I surrounded myself with a team that would light a fire under me and push me farther than I could go on my own, including Marc Pérusse at the helm as producer. Luc De Larochellière as my lyric-writing coach, and I also worked with other Québecois lyricists including Daniel Beaumont, Mathieu Lippé and Mélanie Noël.

The result is amazing! Marc did a really beautiful job of the production… arrangements that flow like honey… 

As for myself, I learned a lot: I developed a great respect for the creative process. I learned that sometimes it’s the song that dictates which direction it will go - not me! Sometimes creating a song (or makin an album) is a process that takes several months (or years!). Sometimes the song just won’t write itself and it’s fine to let it go. Sometimes it takes me a few months to understand how to interpret a song - find my voice, even if it was me who wrote the lyrics. When I give the process time to mature and breathe, it has time to truly take off.

To celebrate, I’m hittin’ the road with my good friend and Franco-Albertan Ariane Mahryke Lemire who’s also releasing a new album. We’re doing a western Canadian tour together - a double-bill and double album release from Vancouver to Winnipeg (but not in that order!). After that, I’ll continue eastward on my own for my Montreal release, on November 11.

I hope to see you out there!