3 benefits of collaboration that have changed my life!

There are many fruits that are born out of collaboration. Here are 3 benefits of collaboration that have influenced my artistic process.

      1) Change of perspective

Collaboration has allowed me to work differently: to discover new ways of making links, cultivating ideas and creating. This gives me the chance to see the world through a different perspective and allows me to be inspired in new ways. Ultimately, it makes my process of creation more malleable and flexible. In the end, I think it makes my work more interesting than it would have been without it.

     2) To strengthen my capacities

After an artist residence several years ago, Luc de Larochellière advised me to write songs beginning with the lyrics before composing the music. This exercise made me realise that I work at least three times harder on my lyrics than I do on my music. While I am very capable of writing lyrics of which I am proud, the musical composition comes so much more quickly and naturally. And so, one day I decided: why should I force the lyric-writing process when there are songwriters that are far more gifted with words and can write lyrics more easily? That’s when called upon Daniel Beaumont, Mathieu Lippé and Mélanie Noël… working with these wordsmiths gave me more time and energy to focus on my musical compositions to create something that works with the lyrics in a stronger way - so that my melodies and musical phrasing are of better service to the lyrics.

     3) New friends!

The process of creating is often an intimate journey where I can discover the most beautiful stories, memories and ideas that exist in hidden part of myself. I often rediscover my challenges and fears. When I collaborate, it is like I leave the door part way open to this part of me - an invitation for the other person to enter, gently. And so we learn a lot about each other and build friendship while we are forging new creative connections.