New Years Resolution: listen to more vinyl

Do you make New Years Resolutions? I don't either! 

Normally, I don’t bother with them, but this year I decided to make one: listen to music more often. I’m not talking about passive music listening – the kind I do anyway while on a road trip in the car or the music I’ll play as background motivation while I work furiously on my computer. My resolution is inspired by a new record player I received for Christmas. I’m giving myself the challenge…no, the luxury to listen to music actively where I eliminate all other distractions and invest all my attention to the album in question. I turn my phone off, brew a good cup of coffee, press play and go! It makes me so happy! 

I’m a bit shy to admit that most of my vinyl collection (I only have about 10 in total) are hand-me-downs from my 96-year old grand-mother. One of them is a recording of Sts Donatien & Rogatien’s church choir – from Prud’homme, SK, recorded in 1961…I know, my collection has a long way to go!

Harmonium and Emmy Lou Harris have been on rotation for the past couple weeks, but my ears are begging for other things to listen to.

So, do you have any suggestions? What are the “must haves” of any vinyl collection?