Holiday inspiration!

It (finally!) snowed in Saskatoon yesterday… well, just a little soft layer of snow, but this little bit gives puts the decorations and celebrations in the city into context and makes them sparkle -  and I love it! It also makes the -35 degree temperature a bit easier to handle...soon I’ll be able to go skating!

Sometimes when it snows, it feels like time just stops. And when time stops, I can take a step back from everything that is going on. It seems like a lot of people around me do the same… it’s probably also the holiday season that encourages me to look back, reflect and appreciate what has happened this year.  

And so in reflecting, I feel like I had a really wonderful one! The multiple collaborations enabled me to really grow as a person and as an artist. I learned about the importance of trusting new collaborators, I released a new album that I am very proud of and I also had the privilege of travelling to share this new music with so many people who took the time to listen -- in fact, the peak of the business during the fall had me visit 17 cities in 21 days (yikes!)! What a year indeed!

I feel so privileged to live all these wonderful experiences and to be an artist that makes a living from her music. I am so very thankful for the numerous collaborators, fans and friends that have both encouraged and helped me. Each year I love to take time to create little handmade presents for those who were there for me. This year, I will make them chocolates!

I am always especially thankful for my family. I can’t wait to spend some time with them at Christmas: chatting, watching movies, playing card games and eating! …and I have to say that the Normand family definitely eats well! Eating plays a very important role in our family tradition during holiday times. Whether it is tourtière (meat pie), perogies or my grandmother’s special “sucre a la cream” (sugar cream), we savour every bite!

It is a time that is truly nostalgic for me! And nostalgia feels good! :-) is exactly what inspired the song Sing Me Home. That, and Joni Mitchell, a road trip to Alberta and a poem written by Victor Hugo. I wrote it after a peaceful walk in downtown Saskatoon in November, 2014 during which I took this photo:

How are you celebrating the holidays? What is it that brings warmth to your heart? What is it that inspires you?


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